Power electonics development ingineer

Since 1972, Lemsys SA has been a leader in the field of power semiconductor test equipment and its clients are the world’s leading manufacturers in this high-growth market. Power semiconductors are central to electrical energy conversion devices and help to improve energy efficiency. Our mission is to develop, create and supply high-quality and innovative equipment with high added value.

To maintain our ability to provide original and unique solutions, which has been the foundation of our success thus far, and develop tools adapted to new semiconductor technologies, we have a vacancy for a

power electronics development engineer.

With a masters in electrical engineering and electronics and several years’ experience in the field of power electronics, the candidate will need to demonstrate a distinct ambition to pursue a career in this field. He/she must be capable of analysing and dealing with technical problems relating to digital and analogue circuits, both in terms of theory and practical implementation of the solutions put forward. He/she must also have a passion for monitoring technological developments and creating solutions appropriate to the new technologies within the power electronics market.

He/she must be capable of working on the equipment virtually, both for development and for modifications (hardware/software) or for technical interventions at our clients’ sites.

Our future engineer will be responsible for research and development. Within that role, meticulousness, commitment and a team spirit are essential qualities that will bring success without our small establishment alongside our corporate values, such as respect for clients, innovation, collaboration and human values. He/she must be fluent in French and English and be open to moving abroad.  Following training on Lemsys products and techniques, his/her main duties shall include:

  • Designing power semiconductor testing equipment
  • Responsibility for development projects and designing new products
  • Feasibility studies, fulfilling and processing client requests

Among other benefits, we are offering a multidisciplinary and comprehensive position within a highly qualified team, the opportunity to fulfil your potential in a specialist, fast-growing field within a reasonably sized company and direct contact with an international customer base.

Additional information can be obtained from Lemsys SA directly at pab@lemsys.com, who will also be happy to accept your application.

LEMSYS SA – 18, chemin des Aulx – CH-1228 Geneva Switzerland / www.lemsys.com

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