Portable maintenance testers Pulsor 2kV, Pulsor 4kV, Pulsor 7kV To measure Leakage current ID, IR in given voltage range of power components: IGBTs, MOSFETs, Diodes, Thyristors, Varistors…

Other characteristic

Power supply: 2×8.4V (Pulsor 4kV) ; 2x12V (Pulsor 7kV) NiMh accumulators.
Internal accumulator’s charger : 115/230VAC 20VA. 16 h approx. charging time
Autonomy for each accumulator : 0.5-3H testing time, > 4H power on, >100H stand by. (Stand by after 10 mn without test)
Sizes : 30x28x7.5cm (11.8x11x3 in) (Pulsor 4kV); 35x29x11cm (13.8×11.4×4.3 in) (Pulsor 7kV)
Weight : 3.1kg (6.9lbs), 3.5kg (7.8lbs) with cables (Pulsor 4kV); 3.35kg (7.4lbs), 3.7kg (8lbs) with cables (Pulsor 7kV)


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Maintenance and Low/Meduim production test equipement

To measure:
Breakdown voltage VD, VR
Leakage current ID, IR
Forward voltage drop VF, VT

Suitable for power components: IGBTs, MOSFETs, Diodes, Thyristors…

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Service Unit product family – U60

To measure leakage current ID, IR at given voltage range.

Suitable for power components: Diodes, Thyristors, GTO…
The characteristic is plotted on the oscilloscope in XY mode
I = f(V) in ID IR / VD VR test.

To measure and display the gate characteristics of components with the IGT, VGT test.

VGT range: IGT range:
0 – 2.5 V 0 – 200 mA
0 – 5 V 0 – 800 mA


Voltage range: Leakage current (ID, IR peak):
0 – 1000 V  40 mA
0 – 2500 V  80 mA
0 – 6000 V 200 mA


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Service Unit product family – I30

To measure forward voltage drop VT at given current range. Suitable to power components: Diodes, Thyristors, GTO…

Programmable current values (ITA and ITB) through thumb wheel to trigger measurement of the direct voltage drop (VTA,VTB).

Three measurement options for VTA and VTB:

At ITpeak
On the positive slope of IT
On the negative slope of IT

Higher IT available upon request.

 IT Current range:  Forward voltage:
 100 – 3000 A  0 – 5 V

VG (Gate command voltage)=VG1 + VG2 (two gate pulses)
VG1= 20V 50 μs up to 25 A
VG2= 20V 10 ms up to 5 A



Other characteristics
Power supply: 230 V – 10 +5% 8 A 50-60 Hz.
Consumption (approx.): 0.3 A at stand-by. 7 A max. during test; 1A option heating block
Size: 530x420x550mm (20.9×16.5×21.6 in.)
Weight : approx. 56 kg (123.2 lbs)

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